Why choose us?

Because we are a young, dynamic and responsible company who works 365 days of the year in Alternative and/or Eco Tourism.

Because our speciality is guiding groups of various nationalities in different natural environments in and around Argentina, especially Patagonia.

Because we are the Service Operator, therefore you can avoid the intermediary person, and save money yourselves, better security and most importantly the security of having a fun, interesting and pleasant time.

Because we know Patagonia as guides, tour leaders (who have experience with leading groups in most of Latin America) and who also live in the large expanse of Patagonia.

Because our work is a way of life, living and working in the countryside, carrying out our activities and paying special attention to what surrounds us. We are strict in taking care of nature and each one of our reservations is taken care of down to the very last detail. We pay special attention in dealing with waste which is produced before, during and after a trip; making sure we recycle where possible. WP keeps paper to a minimum and the inevitable is recycled paper.

Because we speak your language. Our groups can be guided in: Spanish, English, French, Italian, German and Japanese.

Because our groups are guided by Mountain Guides certified by AAGM (Argentinean Association of Mountain Guides) or EPGAMT (Provincial School of Mountain and Trekking Guides) and accredited by APN (National Park Administration). They have ample experience leading groups and are certified as “Wilderness First Responders” and “Wilderness Advanced First Aiders”. Usually our groups are accompanied by a tour leader (assistant guide/translator) too.

Because our guides understand that their job is not just accompanying or guiding you on a predetermined route but to help interpret the nature on the way and help with the general understanding of the local environment and its people. Therefore on our trekking you will be able to learn all about the birds, plants and animals of the region and last but not least the first inhabitants and pioneers of Patagonia.

We are Walk Patagonia

We speak your language

Our groups can be guided in Spanish, English, French, Italian, German or Japanese..

We never tire of showing the natural beauty that surrounds us

The mountains at sunrise. El Chaltén. Los Glaciares National Park.

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El Chaltén - Santa Cruz - Patagonia – Argentina
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